The Best Places to Buy The Last Jedi on Digital, Blu-Ray, DVD, and 4K

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is the day that The Last Jedi gets its UK release, arriving on DVD, digital storefronts, and Blu-ray discs of all varieties. It's safe to say that there are a lot of options to choose from, and plenty of different retailers that would like you to buy the film from then. It's a little overwhelming, so we decided to do some of the legwork and find who has the best prices and if there are any special deals you should watch out for.


The easiest and fastest way to pay for The Last Jedi is to go digital, though you're not going to find any variation in prices. Renting will cost you £3.49 across the board, while outright purchasing will cost £10 or £14 depending on whether you opt for SD or HD. The usual suspects have this for sale, with Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft, and Rakuten (rental only). At the time of writing it doesn't seem to be available on the PlayStation store in the UK.

Sky also has the film up on its own digital store, though that version comes with a physical version as an added bonus. A rental costs £5.49, which seems extortionate compared to the rest, or you can buy a digital HD version with either a DVD or Blu-ray. That costs £14 and £17 respectively, and from the looks of things you don't need to be an existing Sky customer.


Amazon might be your go-to shop for buying DVDs and Blu-rays, perhaps thanks to that sweet Prime delivery, but it's not the cheapest place to get your hands on a copy. Not on Blu-ray at any rate.

The retailer is, like most places, selling two different versions of the film: the 'Resistance Sleeve' and 'The First Order' sleeve. Both of them are basically the same, though they each come with a different cardboard sleeve showing off both factions of the film. Amazon is selling them both for £16, but you can get it cheaper elsewhere. Zavvi, which is surprisingly still around, wants £15 for both versions, though it will sneakily add 99p onto the final total when it comes to checkout. Something about delivery costs. That makes it a whopping penny cheaper than everywhere else, with delivery expected to take between 2-3 days.

If you want to save yourself a pound, though, check out which is offering both sleeves for £14.99. Unlike Zavvi, Zoom promises free delivery to addresses within the UK, sent via Royal Mail first class. That means it should arrive nice and quickly for you. It also promises 10 per cent off your first order if you subscribe to its newsletter, which will save you an extra £1.49 if you've never shopped with them before.

Sainsbury's is also offering both sleeves for £15, with free delivery or in-store click-and-collect, with a free book worth £3.49. It's a short adaptation of the film for kids, rather than something extensive, but it might be worth it to get your own kids reading something other than Facebook messages. That offer also applies to other versions of the film, and not just the standard Blu-ray. Asda similarly wants £15, but if you buy online it insists that you spend £40 before you're able to check out. Maybe one to pick up in store on your way home from work.


If you're still wary of the HD revolution for some reason, The Last Jedi is still available on regular DVD for you to enjoy. Most places seem to be offering it for £9.99 or a rounded-up £10 with little variation, though there are some differences. still offers that 10% off if you're a new customer signing up to the newsletter, which will save you 99p off the asking price. Sainsbury's is also offering that free book with the DVD, if that takes your fancy.


Hollywood still thinks 3D is a thing, and if you do too then you can purchase The Last Jedi with dodgy perception filters laid on top. At £17 the Disney store is the cheapest without any sort of discount, though it wants an extra £1 for shipping that levels it out with Amazon who ask for £18 from the get-go. wants £19, but again this version of the film comes with the 10% newsletter discount that will save you £1.89. Sainsbury's wants the same price, throwing in that book again to sweeten the deal.


If you plan on getting yourself a Last Jedi steelbook, you're going to have to take your business to Zavvi which has the exclusive. Unlike the American version which comes with a more stylised poster-like cover, the UK edition prominently features Rey alongside the film's three droids. The back cover is Kylo Ren being all evil and emo.

The extra-added issue here is that you have to buy the 4K version of the steelbook at a cost of £33. Zavvi did initially have a 3D & 2D Blu-ray steelbook, but that's now sold out. Resellers currently have it on Amazon for a whopping £60, but at that price you might as well just buy the 4K version and be done with it. While expensive the 4K version does come with a regular Blu-ray, and because it's a steelbook Zavvi is waiving the 99p delivery charge.

If you're still clinging onto DVDs you're out of luck, because there doesn't seem to be a DVD version of the steelbook available anywhere. Maybe upgrade your kit, because Blu-ray players aren't expensive anymore and high definition is glorious.


The RRP for the 4K Blu-ray is £27, which is what The Last Jedi will cost you at places like Amazon and HMV. It is cheaper elsewhere, however, if you look in the right places. with the 10% newsletter offer will save £2.49 off the standard £24.99 price tag, which makes it the cheapest. Once again Sainsbury's is offering a book, but at £25 it's not that much cheaper than anywhere else. Zavvi also wants £25, but the fact it charges an extra 99p for delivery when you checkout is worth bearing in mind.

Tesco is also offering something called the 'The Big Sleeve Edition' for £30, which comes with a regular Blu-ray, 4K/UHD Blu-ray, a bonus disc (the details of which aren't specified) and 12 art cards. Delivery is free to your house, or alternatively you can choose Click-and-Collect to get it sent to your nearest store.

Finally I found a ridiculous bundle on eBay that pools together a bunch of supposedly rare items into one place. The £204.95 bundle comes with a limited edition box from Japan containing the 4K, 3D, and 2D editions of The Last Jedi, a steelbook (UK/EU design), a 2D bonus disc, a digital copy, a BB-8 figure with his lighter out made by Bandai, seven character postcards, and a miniature Star Wars logo. It's worth bearing in mind that this came from Japan (though most of the lettering in the pictures is English and promises to be region free) and won't actually be available until 25th April.

Seen any bargains we've missed? Leave a comment and we'll investigate.

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