The House From 'Spaced' is For Sale, Gentrified, and £4,000,000

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's bad news for Mike, we're afraid, as he almost certainly won't be allowed in the house that was used as the backdrop for landmark Channel 4 sitcom Spaced any more, for fear he'd get snack crumbs on the expensive rugs or unduly move furniture from its optimal photogenic position and scratch the newly painted floorboards.

Yes, that's the house as used in sitcom Spaced, and it is indeed for sale. And seeing as it's London, the price tag will make you a bit confused and bewildered and scared about the future -- it comes with an asking price of £4m. That's because it has nine bedrooms and an annex in the garden, so a landlord could probably chop that up into 24 smaller bedrooms and rent them out for £1,400 each, pay off the mortgage in a few years and repeat down the road.

The photos on Zoopla show that it's been well poshed-up over the years, with fluffy carpets, white Ikea light shades, book cases entirely free of comics and toys, weird tables, oddly shaped chairs and very expensive junk items designed to give it a smart shabby look. But it's £4m so why are we even bothering looking. [Zoopla]