The National Lottery Results are Returning to Live TV... on ITV

By Gary Cutlack on at

A straw poll of Gizmodo staff revealed that no one really noticed that the lottery results aren't broadcast on TV any more, but that's OK as they are about to be on TV again. Although they're going to be on weird, niche TV. A channel called ITV, if you can find it on your modern streaming setup.

The new presenter is a man called Stephen Mulhern, who looks like the results of a military experiment to combine the worst bits of both Ant and Dec to create the blandest material known to mankind. Mulhern's modern numbers station will be incorporated within the next series of Britain’s Got Talent, something else that literally no one we know would admit to watching either, with the live lottery results to be stuck in in a 90-second slot in an advert break.

The mysterious people with an interest in such things as ITV, lottery tickets, dogs that can do tricks and precocious child singers will see their interests align like never before this Saturday, at around 8:15pm. [Twitter via Standard]

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