The OnePlus 6 Will Let You Hide the Notch if it Offends You That Much

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lots of phones have notches now, because they want to maximise screen space and need a place for the front camera and all the sensors to live. Some people don't care, some people are devastated, and some people adamantly defend this design choice - possibly because Apple managed to copy it before everyone else.

Whatever your opinion, OnePlus wants to make you happy, and with that in mind it's giving users the option to hide the OnePlus 6's notch.

The Chinese phone maker has been on some sort of apology tour after confirming the next iteration of its popular low-cost phone will feature the controversial design choice. Now, though, CEO Pete Lau has confirmed OnePlus will be taking a leaf out of Huawei's book by letting people hide the notch and blacking out the screen segments alongside it.

Lau confirmed that this originally wasn't going to be an option, but following user feedback the company has done a u-turn. Unfortunately for the notchphobes out there the feature won't be available immediately, and will be added to the phone as a post-launch software update.

It's actually a pretty sensible idea. Blacking out a small portion of the screen isn't the most taxing feature in the world, and it gives users an extra customisation choice. Plus, as the Huawei P20 shows, you can still include important information in a blacked-out portion of the screen - meaning things like battery gauge won't end up squatting in a different section of your display.

The OnePlus 6 is expected to launch at the end of this month, with confirmed features including 256GB storage and 8GB RAM options, a headphone jack, and an all-screen display. [OnePlus via The Verge]

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