The Rock is Hosting HQ Trivia Tonight At 8.45pm UK Time, and There's a £211,158 Prize

By Tom Pritchard on at

Just a heads-up for anyone planning on skipping tonight's installment of HQ Trivia, tonight's show is being hosted by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to plug his new film Rampage. Because it's a sponsored show, HQ is offering a ridiculous $300,000 (£211,158) prize money. Normally the big US shows with fabulous prizes happen way past my bed time, but tonight it's going to be at the much more reasonable 8.45pm UK time.

The show should take place as normal, with the usual rules, though the big prizes from the US show have started avoiding sharing the money between multiple winners. If there's more than one person left after 12 questions, they carry on until one person remains. Provided they all don't get eliminated in one go, otherwise the prize is carried over to another game.

So if you're a player and you know people who haven't signed up, make sure you get them to join in with your referral code. That way you can earn some extra lives, and not kick yourself because you didn't know where Carol Anne Duffy is from. Remember you can only use one life per game, though, so you only need one friend to sign up on your behalf.