The Samsung Galaxy S10 Won't be the Fabled Folding Phone

By Tom Pritchard on at

This year has been a big one for phones that fold. Properly fold from the sounds of things, not the type that has two screens and a hinge. We've been hearing a lot (relatively speaking) about Samsung's offering since we heard reports of a secret appearance at CES, with Samsung confirming it was aiming to release such a device before the end of the year.

Whatever happens, though, you can be damn sure that the upcoming Galaxy S10 will not have such a fancy display - contrary to some rumours that the folding phone would kickstart a brand new wave era of the Galaxy S brand.

This news comes from sources speaking to The Bell, who claim that the design for the S10 has already been locked down and finalised. Unsurprisingly the design for next year's flagship will include the Infinity Display that first launched with the Galaxy S8 last year. As ever the phone is expected to arrive as two models: The S10 and S10 Plus. On top of that the company is supposedly working with Israeli 3D camera solution company Mantis Vision, alongside Woodgate, to bring a 3D-sensing camera to both S10 models.

It's far too early for most of use to think about the Galaxy S10, seeing as how the S9 just came out and the Note 9 is still to come later this year. But the world of phone rumours doesn't wait for the likes of you and me, and barrels on full steam ahead regardless. So it's no surprise that we've already been hearing speculation about next year's phone, including the inclusion of an in-display fingerprint sensor, and a tiny increase in display size (0.03- and 0.08-inches on the two respective models). As ever it's currently expected to arrive next March.

Other rumours claim the brand will switch names, ditching the Galaxy S moniker in favour of Galaxy X. But whatever is happening behind closed doors right now isn't likely to be confirmed for a very long time. So we'll just have to sit tight and wait to see what's happening. [TechRadar]

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