The Sea's Waves Are Getting Higher

By Gary Cutlack on at

The sea is getting angry about all these straws and cup lids we keep flushing into it, it seems, as researchers measuring the height of Atlantic waves have found that they've been getting higher for years.

There's no actual inference as to why this is happening or whether it's because of global warming, too many submarines, plastic swamps of yogurt pots and pen lids or whatever, all they know is... the waves are getting bigger.

It isn't some tiny, unnoticeable, marginal growth like continental drift, either. They say that angry winter wave heights off the coasts of Scotland and Ireland have grown by 0.7 metres or 2.3 Great British feet since a bored man on a beach first decided to start measuring waves in 1948. Hopefully he's allowed for the fact that his feet might have sunk into the sand a bit.

Professor Gerd Masselink from the University of Plymouth explained: "Whether extreme winters such as that of 2013/2014 will repeat more frequently and/or further intensify in the future is a key issue for the Atlantic coast of western Europe. It is therefore important to investigate if these extreme winters are already happening with increasing regularity and intensity, and why this is happening." [AGO100 via BBC]