The Sugar Tax is Affecting the Tesco Meal Deal for Coke Fans

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week saw the start of the new tax year, and with it the sugar tax going into full force. Every drink that includes more than 5g/100ml of added sugar, other than those with lots of milk in them, cost more money as a result. Many a drinks company reducing the amount of sugar in their drinks to keep price-hikes as low as possible. Coca-Cola is not one of those drinks, and that's having some unintended side-effects for the humble meal deal.

Coca-Cola is very aware that people are not exactly fans of its attempts to change Coke's famous recipe. If it didn't learn that from the New Coke disaster, looking at the backlash Irn Bru and Ribena have suffered would be enough to make them think twice. The problem is that regular Coke has 10.6 grams of sugar per 100ml, and according to the new law any drink that adds more than 8g/100ml has to pay an extra 24p per litre in tax.

Because of that Tesco has made a slight change to its £3 meal deal. The meal deal still costs £3, but if you want a regular red bottle of Coke you're not allowed a standard 500ml bottle. Instead you have to have a 375ml bottle, or a can. The same is also true if you want a regular Pepsi, which has similarly refused to change its recipe in the face of the sugar tax.

Naturally people are losing their shit on social media, mainly about the Coke because Pepsi can't really command the same level of rabid fanaticism from its customers. People aren't happy that they're having to pay the same amount of money for less liquid, with at least one person declaring that there's no way this is because of the sugar tax. Hate to break it to you, but it's exactly that. Tesco could absorb the extra 12p cost on  500ml bottle of Coke, but you have to remember Tesco is a business that likes to make money. It's not your friend, and why should it cover your sugar habit?

Others are also angry that 500ml bottles have disappeared entirely, with the 375ml bottles costing the £1.30 - the same as a 500ml bottle of Diet Coke. There gets to a point where you wonder why these people don't just buy the larger bottles, which are much better value. Yes they're bigger and take up more space, but two 1.5 litre bottles of regular coke cost £2.50 at Tesco. Each bottle has four times as much Coke as a 375ml bottle, for 5p less, which is just good sense. Though I'll admit that doesn't help with the meal deal situation. [Metro]

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