Toys R Us is Properly Closing on April 24

By Gary Cutlack on at

The remaining UK branches of Toys R Us are about to close forever, with the administrators giving the shop a final death day of April 24. When any remaining bent-box Barbies will be binned and 2,000 staff lose their jobs.

And the money men are thankful for the staff for assisting in the nationwide fire sales, with administrator Simon Thomas saying: "We are grateful for the hard work of everybody at Toys R Us during this extremely difficult and challenging time. We are working closely with the 2,000 employees affected by the closures to ensure they receive the support they need for redundancy and other compensatory payments."

As one final incentive to bag yourself something nice that you don't really need because you're 37 and saving for a flat, Thomas says the chain has powered-up some of the sale discounts today, with some stickers now promising monies-off levels of up to 70 per cent. [Metro]

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