TSB Happy That Some Things Are Half Working Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

The TSB's mammoth IT fail has been resolved today, or at least that's what the bank and the besieged social media account of its boss are saying. What customers are saying, though, is that access to TSB accounts through apps and web sites is being restricted to a limited number of people to stop it falling down again; oh, and here are some images of incomprehensible error messages we're still getting to forward to your computer people.

The bank's CEO Paul Pester bravely took to the steps of Twitter this morning to claim the bank's systems are all working again and, inevitably, hundreds of people replied immediately to say "No it isn't" and "Here's the error message I get when trying to sign in today, you cock," so in reality the bank's digital presence is actually nothing like working again, despite what it says.

Anyway it's not very interesting and we're sorry if you have an account with TSB and are in a financially perilous state where your pennies need checking and organising on a daily basis and this is a therefore total stress nightmare, but it is a little bit amusing to see a bank have such a vast and public IT disaster. TSB has promised no one will be left out of pocket once the dust from the servers has settled, should anyone find themselves hit with unexpected charges as a result of the outages. [City AM]