TSB Mixes Up Customer Accounts and Breaks Everything Else

By Gary Cutlack on at

The cutting and pasting fingers of TSB's social media operatives are going to be sore tonight, with the company forced to endlessly apologise this morning after weekend engineering work overran – leaving the bank's apps broken and allegedly leaking user data by showing some customers incorrect accounts when they do manage to log in.

Several TSB customers are incandescent with fury this morning, with some reporting mysteriously higher or lower balances than expected, and others saying they're able to view the bank account details of entirely unrelated people. If true, that's a heinous data crime for which TSB ought to expect gigantic tellings-off from authorities.

Here's one such claim...

...hence all the apologising going on as far down as you can be bothered to scroll on today's TSB social media feeds. And seeing the wrong balance is actually the good news -- some people still can't even log in at all. [Sky News]