Unboxing Labo, Nintendo's New Cardboard Play Kit

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in January Nintendo announced a brand new way to use the Switch console. Labo lets you build cardboard accessories for the portable console, taking advantage of all the sensors built into the Joy Con controllers to do lots of weird and wonderful things that you can't do with another console. For now Nintendo is releasing two kits: The standard Variety Kit with the piano, RC car, a house, fishing rod, and motorbike, alongside the Robot Kit that lets you build your own wearable robot controller.

Nintendo sent us both kits to review, but seeing as how there is so much to cover in those two boxes we're going to start things off by opening them both up and giving you a taste of what Labo has to offer.

Labo offers an awful lot of things beyond the cardboard in the box, so we're going to be playing with it over the next couple of weeks to experience what's on offer. A full review is on the way, so make sure to check back and see what we thought. Labo will be available in the UK from 27th April, and as the video said the regular variety pack is £59.99. The robot pack is £69.99 and is a standalone product, meaning you don't need to buy the Variety Pack for it to work.

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