Unfortunate Post Box Incident Ruins Royal Mail's Shakespearean Celebration

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mail has been pilloried by the witty ranks of people who comment on the internet, thanks to running a promotion to celebrate the birthday of Shakespeare in which it decorated a post box -- and got a modern day Romeo and Juliet pair to nuzzle in front of it.

The catch being that the play famously ends in tragedy, because a message explaining Juliet's fake suicide never gets to Romeo. And he'd been waiting in for it all day too. The missing message triggers murders and suicides of all involved, which is probably not the warm Shakespearian image the Royal Mail hoped to conjure up with its cuddly promotion.

Worse still, someone at the Royal Mail was forced to understand Romeo and Juliet in a hurry and craft a response to the mocking, which read: "We are glad that this postbox has captured the public imagination. In Romeo And Juliet, the letter in question was hand delivered from Friar Lawrence to Friar John. Once in possession of the letter, poor Friar John was quarantined against the plague, so in these circumstances, it seems slightly unfair to blame the postal service!"

Yeah, shifting blame as usual. Maybe the subtext of the advert is that Juliet should've used the Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed® service, then perhaps there would've been a happy ending involving kissing at sunset instead of blood-letting in a crypt. [Twitter via Standard]