Valve Insists That Steam Machines Aren't Dead Yet

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday we brought you news that Valve had quietly hidden the Steam Machine page from the Steam storefront, meaning you could only access it through a direct link. Things don't look good for the platform, though Valve has opened up to downplay speculation that Steam Machines (and Linux-based gaming) are dying off.

This came in the form of a forum post by Valve'sĀ Pierre-Loup Griffais, who insisted that the removal of the Steam Machine page link was nothing more than "a routine cleanup of the Steam Store navigation" that was "removed from the main navigation bar based on user traffic". Basically not many people were clicking it, and that meant Valve decided to free up some space.

Naturally this was also an opportunity for Valve to set the record straight, considering how many people began doomsaying and speculating about the death of Steam Machines and SteamOS. According to Griffais, Valve is still focused on developing an more open gaming platform that presumably isn't so reliant on Microsoft and Windows:

"While it's true Steam Machines aren't exactly flying off the shelves, our reasons for striving towards a competitive and open gaming platform haven't significantly changed. We're still working hard on making Linux operating systems a great place for gaming and applications. We think it will ultimately result in a better experience for developers and customers alike, including those not on Steam."

It's good to see that the company is being honest to a point, especially pointing out the lessons it's learned from customer feedback. While Valve might be prioritising its resources elsewhere, it's still working on the open source Vulkan graphics API which some see as an alternative to Microsoft's DirectX. If more developers support Vulkan, then more games will be able to run on Linux as well as Windows - even if it's not necessarily SteamOS.

Apparently there are also other Linux initiatives in the works, though there aren't any details on what they might involve. To be honest, considering how unpopular the Windows 10 gaming store seems to be, PC gamers will probably be quite pleased that there's hope for an alternative. [Steam via TechRadar]

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