Vandals Prefer Keying Cute Little Cars

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's not the loud, fat, urban tractors that suffer the most rage on the roads, it's actually the cute little cars that endure the greatest amount of vandalism by having their sides scratched and their wing mirrors bent too far the wrong way by angry passers-by.

Data collated by insurer Churchill has found that the tiny little Smart car is most frequently vandalised vehicle out there on the streets, with one in 100 likely to suffer some sort of kicking/keying incident over the course of a year. The Mini is the next most commonly attacked type of car, probably because of its scrunched up little smug face and the fact that it doesn't look hard enough to strike back.

Obviously it's then the like of the Alfa Romeos and BMWs that are the next most randomly vandalised cars, with Churchill suggesting it might be a good idea to disassemble and take your car into the house during October – as Halloween pranks are apparently behind a seasonal rise in walk-by car vandalism attacks. [Telegraph]

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