Watch a Gorgeous Groot Sculpture Grow From a Lifeless Lump of Clay Into Your Favourite Badass Tree

By Andrew Liszewski on at

What’s more impressive than Nicholas Brown’s sculptures—which seem to breathe life into giant lumps of clay—is the fact that Brown has only actually been sculpting since 2017. I’ve been using my hands for 40 years now, and I only just recently consider myself proficient in using a spoon.

Brown’s latest sculpting subject is Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot, for which he uses a coarse brush to quickly and convincingly give the smooth clay a wooden texture. There’s a lot more work than that involved with creating a masterpiece like this, but thankfully Brown films fascinating time-lapse compilations of his entire process. It makes me feel like I could sculpt my own Groot, when in reality I’m barely able to use the aforementioned spoon without spilling on myself.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]

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