We Had a Little Cyber-War With ISIS

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some computer men in a room in Cheltenham enjoyed the thrill of going to war recently, but without the menace of death, capture, shellshock, amputations, exposure to male banter and all that misery. They did it all on computers. Like Quake III.

No it wasn't like Quake III at all, because this was the sort of boring modern cyber-war you hear about the North Koreans and the Russians doing all the time, where government nerd forces attacked computer networks and communications tools used by Islamic State. This is the word of GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming, who says Daesh forces were cyber-battled to such an extent that they struggled to even open a chat window, a bit like your dad on his Windows XP machine.

Fleming said: "In 2017 there were times when Daesh found it almost impossible to spread their hate online, to use their normal channels to spread their rhetoric, or trust their publications," thanks to our cyber forces, with that last claim suggesting that there was a bit of "fake news" propaganda-spreading involved as part of the attack too. [BBC]

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