World Exclusive: HQ Trivia Launches New Social 'Friends on HQ' Feature

By Tom Pritchard on at

HQ trivia is the latest craze that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, which is good for us because it gives us more chances to get through those 12 devilishly difficult questions and try to win ourselves some real-life money. Aside from the Invite feature that lets you earn extra lives for encouraging friends to sign up, HQ is still a fairly solitary experience. But no longer! Because HQ is launching new social features.

Gizmodo UK can exclusively reveal that 'Friends on HQ' is set to debut during tonight's 9 o'clock game. The gist of it is that you'll be able to search for your friends and family on HQ, or by connecting the app with your phone's contacts, and see how many of them are actually playing at any given time. That also means you'll be able to track their progress and directly compare their trivia smarts to your own.

If you want to check out the social features for yourself, simply swipe the video to the right during a game and see which of your friends are playing and whether they've been eliminated yet. Here's a picture to show you exactly what you'll be seeing when you're snooping on their progress:

As you can see the screen also has information about the game itself, including other people that are playing at that time. Tapping a person's name will let you see how many games they've played, how many times they've won, and a high score that reveals their best trivia streak. HQ is also teasing a surprise feature that's rolling out next week, though it's been tight-lipped about what it might involve. Would anyone care to guess?

The new features go live tonight during the UK's 9pm game, and HQ promises that it will roll out to the US and other regions soon after - though no definite time frame has been revealed.

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