11 McDonald's Workers Are on Strike Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

Burger chain McDonald's is being hit by strike action in the UK today, although it's unlikely any customers are likely to be too inconvenienced come feeding time as just 11 staff across the nation are joining in with the action.

The 11 striking staff are being backed by the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union, and their demands are for the burger chain to increase its UK pay rate to a "fair" £10 per hour minimum wage, to remove the special lower salary tiers it uses to pay younger staff less, and would like an end to the use of zero-hour contracts among staff. The striking heroes are from five branches, so expect to see a few sad people waving flags and pumping their fists in the air like it's important in the rain outside branches in Manchester, Cambridge, Crayford, south London and Watford.

McDonald's UK says that all of its staff have been offered minimum guaranteed hours contracts, but some prefer to stick with the flexibility of existing system. [BBC]

Image credit: Twitter