52 Sofas Fell Off Car Roofs in a Nine-Month Period

By Gary Cutlack on at

Authorities in charge of cleaning up roadside debris have had enough of you and your improperly secured loads, so much so that there's now a public information campaign designed around telling drivers to tie things on to their car roofs properly.

Highways England has some comedy statistics illustrating the menace of flying furniture, revealing that over an undated nine-month period its officers had to pick up the pieces of 40 beds, 96 chairs, 49 cushions, 163 mattresses, 52 sofas and 17 tables, each falling off a car roof and a potentially deadly incident. Apart from perhaps the flying cushions.

And that's just in England. We have no numbers for the amount of sofas that fell off car roofs in Wales and Scotland, probably because when it happens in Wales and Scotland the locals run out and set them on fire for something to do, so the problem solves itself.

Highways England project manager Amelia Kirwan is taking it extremely seriously because someone could really be knocked unconscious by a loose mattress unleashed at 65mph, and said: "We want all drivers and their items to get home in one piece. If you’re buying or moving furniture this weekend, use proper straps that are strong enough for the job. Don’t risk losing your stuff, and causing other drivers to become delayed, injured or worse." [GOV]

Image credit: Unsplash