A 24-Hour Train Network is on Network Rail's Ideas List

By Gary Cutlack on at

The head of Network Rail is bracing himself for a flurry of requests from rail franchises to start operating 24-hour services, as the thrill of London's all-night tube service is set to spread.

That's what Mark Carne told The Times, with Network Rail's boss saying that digital signalling services and better track inspection techniques could lessen overnight maintenance needs and therefore make it easier to run trains non-stop, with Carne explaining: "I am anticipating that my customers -- the train operating companies -- will come to me in the not-too-distant future and tell me they want to run 24-hour trains. And I have got to be prepared for that and that’s why we’re thinking today about what that would look like. It comes back to the theme of looking one step ahead so that you’re not caught out."

It might also come back to what the drivers' unions think about that. [The Times]