Amazon Will Deliver You a Volvo Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

People at Volvo and people at Amazon are pleased to announce the result of several meetings and more than one thousand emails – you can book a test drive of a Volvo through Amazon Prime Now.

Subscribers of Amazon's paid tier are presumably more trustworthy than those who don't pay the internet shopping tax, as Volvo will handle the arrangement of a test drive of a new Volvo V40 without asking if you can really afford it, with deliveries bookable now in four UK cities – London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. Potential buyers of one of the new cars will have their test vehicle delivered to their home or workplace, with bookings handled online through the Amazon Prime Now Test Drive site. A handful of weekends in June and July are when the poor cars will have their doors flung open to the public.

Each booking allows for a 45-minute test drive, which should be long enough to turn right out of the road you live on and fail to get your phone to connect to the radio. [Volvo/Amazon]