Amazon's Real Time Delivery Tracker is Also Live in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last Month Amazon released a new map tracking feature in the US, letting people track their orders in real time - provided they're being delivered by specific couriering companies. That feature is in the news again because it's expanded further across the US, but it also seems to be available here in the UK.

I know this because I have a delivery arriving, and got notification telling me the driver was only seven stops away. Giz UK editor James also checked his impending order, and found he could similarly track the driver and see roughly how far away his delivery is.

Hallelujah! It's been a long time coming, especially since Amazon has never been particularly forthcoming with delivery estimates. Only that the package will arrive before a specific time in the evening, leaving you to wonder whether jumping in the shower will mean you miss your chance at getting in that cat castle your frivolously purchased the afternoon before.

This has been doctored slightly for our own privacy, but this is what the maps look like

Update: I've emailed Amazon to clarify those points, and they confirmed that real-time tracking is only available with Amazon's in-house couriers, rather than third parties - some of which already have their own real time tracking. DPD certainly does. It's also available to everyone, rather than just for Prime Members or people in a specific area of the country. According to news outlets in the US, it's also only available to view once there are fewer than ten deliveries before yours. Amazon also has a page in its help section, though that doesn't offer much we didn't already know.

For now if you have an Amazon package arriving, you can check the tracking in the orders section of your account. Simply click 'Track Package' and a map will show up on your screen showing where your driver is compared to your house. It's also viewable in the Amazon app, in the same place.