Apple’s Got a Rebate With Your Name on It If You Paid Full Price for an iPhone Battery Replacement

By Patrick Lucas Austin on at

Controversy over Apple’s battery management choices on older, out-of-warranty iPhones drove the company to offer discounted battery replacement services for affected customers toward the end of 2017. Now Apple is issuing a £54 credit to customers who paid the full price of £79 to replace their batteries last year, instead of the current £25 fee.

Trust in Apple and its smartphones was shaken last year when consumers with older iOS devices complained about random restarts and throttled devices. Eventually we learned that Apple had taken it upon itself to employ some battery management tactics that slowed down older iOS devices to compensate for degraded batteries, which understandably drew the ire of consumers. Apple responded by saying it may offer rebates to consumers who purchased a £79 battery replacement.

Right now, iPhone 6 or later models are eligible for a £25 battery replacement, while older devices are still subject to the original £79 fee according to Apple’s support page detailing the rebate programme. To claim your rebate, you must have replaced your iPhone battery between 1 January 2017 and 28 December 2017. If you’re eligible for a £54 credit, you should receive an email from Apple anytime from today to 27 July 2018, containing instructions on how to redeem it.

The company might have more data on you than you’re comfortable with, but it’s not infallible, so get those receipts ready. “If you have not received an email from Apple by August 1, 2018,” said Apple in its announcement, “but believe you are eligible for a credit based on the terms above, please contact Apple by December 31, 2018. Note that proof of service at an Apple authorised service location may be required.”

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