Banking Newcomer Monzo Now Supports Apple Pay

By Tom Pritchard on at

Monzo launched three years ago, with banking restrictions enabling the app-based company to offer current accounts last April. So it's more than fair to say they're pretty new to the whole banking scene, and have done pretty well for themselves in that time. Monzo has been offering Android/Google Pay to its customers since last October, but today it's announced that iOS customers will be able to use Apple Pay as well.

The announcement was made on Monzo's blog, with the bank apologising to its customers for the delay in rolling out Apple pay integration. Now it is, though, so Monzo users rocking Apple products can use Apple's payment system to pay for things - whether that's with your phone, watch,iPad, or Macbook Pro.

The bank has extensive details on how to set up Apple Pay on each device, but it's not really that different to adding any other card. It can be done using Apple's Wallet app, or by opening up the Monzo app. You're walked through the instructions so it shouldn't be too difficult. Adding it to your Apple Watch can be done by heading to the iPhone's Apple Watch app and selecting Wallet & Apple Pay. iPad users have to head into the settings, and Macbook users have to go into the system preferences.