Biomass Generator Tries to Science-Away Carbon Dioxide

By Gary Cutlack on at

UK power generator Drax is attempting to use the magic of science to offset concerns about the smokiness of its wood pellet burning processes, with a £400,000 trial to start using a new type of carbon capture process.

Carbon capture is not a new idea, but doing it on the output of wood fuel is, with this bioenergy carbon capture storage system to test running output gases through a solvent that science says should absorb the CO2. So then there'll be massive bins of CO2 all over the site, but presumably that's better than letting it go into the sky. Tip it in a local river when no one's looking and it's job done.

Drax says that if the BCCS test is successful – and if it's then rolled out to include all of the station's operations – it could lead to the energy produced being carbon negative, if, that is, you include the CO2 absorbed by the trees that provided the wooden pellets.

The group's CEO Will Gardiner said: "We will soon have four operational biomass units, which provide us with a great opportunity to test different technologies that could allow Drax, the country and the world, to deliver negative emissions and start to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere." [Drax via Guardian]