BitTorrent Inc Changes Name, Now Known as Rainberry

By Tom Pritchard on at

BitTorrent is a very recognisable name, despite some of the negative connotations it might have accumulated over the years, and is well known for the popular torrenting clients its developed like uTorrent. Now, though, the company is shaking things up a bit by switching from BitTorrent Inc to Rainberry Inc.

The weird thing is that this isn't a new development. It just so happens that nobody noticed until now, because the name Rainberry Inc doesn't appear to have been published anywhere. In fact, speaking to Torrent Freak, Chief Product Officer Jordy Berson says that the Rainberry name has been official since the start of 2017. That said he didn't actually give any reasons for the change, simply saying that it was a purely corporate decision:

“The best way to probably think of it is that it’s not unlike how Alphabet Inc is the official name of the company most people know as Google.”

It's a bit of a weird situation, and while private companies are more than entitled to change their name every five minutes if they feel like, it's strange that Rainberry would keep its new name hidden for so long. Especially since the company won a long-standing trademark dispute with Germany-based Bittorrent Marketing GmbH last December.

TorrentFreak notes that the Rainberry name doesn't appear anywhere on the BitTorrent or uTorrent websites, nor does it appear on company profiles on Linkedin. So it's all very weird that things would have been kept secret for so long, when there doesn't seem to be any reason not to go public with the change. But now the secret is out, I imagine the branding will be getting a makeover sometime in the near future. [TorrentFreak]