Bored Humans Dumped 104 Quirky Pet Boa Constrictors Last Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

Snake-tipping is emerging as a new menace in the UK's parks and countryside, as people – once they've got some social media content from their quirky reptilian pet choice – are dumping unwanted odd pets like boa constrictors in parks.

The National Trust has warned that our little native adder is under threat from dumped exotic imports in one paerticular area, with a four-foot boa among a haul of dumped exotic snakes found in Staffordshire's Kinver Edge park.

The RSPCA is picking up the slack when it comes to abandoned novelty pets too, as it says it collected 104 boa constrictors last year, snakes that had to be rescued from owners due to neglect. In total, the RSPCA took possession of 324 assorted reptiles last year, nearly a 69 per cent increase on numbers of the animals saved in 2016. [The Times, BBC]