Boyle/Craig Confirmed as Bond 25 Dream Team

By Gary Cutlack on at

Let the Trainspotting GIF flood commence, as EON Productions, MGM and Universal Pictures have confirmed the news that Danny Boyle already sort of blew a few weeks ago -- he's directing the next James Bond film. There's a contract now and it's happening, and he can look forward to cajoling grumpy old Bond Daniel Craig into jumping over rooftops once more.

That's about all the news blown in the first paragraph, as this is all based on a brief press release from the official Bond licence holders. It says production on Bond 25 begins at Pinewood Studios on December 3, with John Hodge -- Danny Boyle's long-running collaborator -- providing the script of the as yet unnamed film.

The only plot details we have so far is that Daniel Craig will play a man called "James Bond" who travels the world solving increasingly IT-related crimes that could've been avoided had security staff paid more attention to password security. The film's out in the UK on October 25, 2019.  [Bond]

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