Brighton School Bans Plastic and Says Straws Are as Bad as Cigarettes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Brighton College is launching its own little standalone war on plastic, with its headteacher saying it's time to start punishing children for bringing single use plastics in as part of their packed lunches.

Bottles, straws and non-biodegradable cups are the key targets, with the ban extending to staff as well as pupils. Headteacher Richard Cairns is taking it extremely seriously too, warning that children caught secretly sipping from a plastic bottle ought to expect formal warnings and talkings-to as serious as if they'd been caught smoking in the toilets.

Cairns said: "We will treat plastic bottles, straws and non-biodegradable cups as antisocial, in the same way that for decades we have banned cigarettes. Initially we will enforce the changes with a system of formal warnings for pupils breaking the rules but there is also the appetite, if it proves necessary, to use sanctions -- in large part because the potential for sanctions highlights the significance of the issue."

One such sanction is being made to leave the school and do a bit of beach cleaning, which sounds like quite a jolly way to escape lessons to us. More water fountains and personalised reusable water bottles are being introduced to the school to make sure the kids still feel like they're allowed to drink things. [The Times]