Buskers in London Are Starting to Take Card Payments

By Tom Pritchard on at

We are living in an increasingly cash-free world, because cash is far more annoying to handle and carry around compared to a thin piece of card or a mobile phone. However this does mean that certain parts of life will suffer and possibly die out if they don't adapt, including charity boxes, buskers, and more. That's why buskers in London have started accepting card payments.

Thanks to the Busk in London Project, a Mayor of London initiative in partnership with iZettle, buskers in London will be able to take contactless and chip-and-PIN payments to help with the fact that nobody bothers carrying cash around anymore. Each performer has their own payment terminal, can set the minimum donation amount, so passers-by can simply tap their card or phone. The 21st century equivalent of dropping in some coins as you pass.

Charlotte Campbell, a full-time busker, has been trialling the system for a couple of weeks and had many nice things to say about it..

"I believe if street performers like myself don't adapt to the cashless society we are edging towards, we're at risk of becoming a dying art. I've only trialled Repeat Payments for two weeks and it's already had a significant impact on the contributions I've received.

"More people than ever tap-to-donate whilst I sing, and often, when one person does, another follows."

This is just the latest initiative designed to help the parts of society that are still reliant on people carrying around actual money. We've already seen charity boxes go contactless, and trials that saw contactless-enabled jackets handed out to homeless people - the proceeds of which could be redeemed for things they desperately need like food or shelter. [Sky News]