Chocolate Fudge Brownie Digestives are the Only Good Thing to Come From This 'Royal Wedding' Malarkey

By Tom Pritchard on at

On Saturday a wedding is happening, with a member of the royal family marrying a woman who is neither royalty nor British. Because that's totally relevant, guys. Unfortunately because Prince Harry isn't as important as his brother, the government decided we weren't allowed an extra bank holiday like last time.

But there is some good news to be had, and I don't mean the fact rules are being bent to let people throw parties and watch the ceremony without a TV licence. McVities has announced some commemorative digestives for the big day, and they're chocolate fudge brownie flavour.

The idea behind the new flavour was to celebrate the intercultural marriage that's taking place, mashing together something as quintessentially British as the digestive with something overtly America. Chocolate Fudge Brownie is pretty American, but it's not the most American sweet thing imaginable. As it turns out, though, McVities didn't pick the new flavour at random, instead opting to fall back on democratic process and ask the people what they wanted to see. CFB ended up beating American staples as Pecan Pie, Mississippi Mud Pie, and Peanut Butter & Jelly [sic].

The downside is that these biscuits don't seem to be coming to shop shelves. Instead there are only 50 packs available that you have to try and win, by following the instructions in the tweet below:

Presumably, if they're enough demand, they'll eventually make it to the shops, but we can't be certain of that. Instead you're going to have to enter and hope for the best if you want to win. [The Independent]