Church of England Uses Alexa to Pray For Your Soul

By Gary Cutlack on at

Too lazy to pray because it quite clearly doesn't work? Want to get into religion but find muttering to an invisible person a bit silly? Well has the Church of England got the tech solution for you! Alexa can do your prayers now, if you're thinking it might be a good idea to hedge your bets on there actually being an afterlife.

The Church's Alexa tool offers to pray for you, but can also explain the background to the Christian way of life in a way that goes a bit deeper than "pretend man in sky" if you want, with the Amazon helper skill also offering to find you your nearest local church should you suddenly see the errors of your ways and fancy enjoying a free wafer with some old people, or whatever it is they do in those big old cold places with all the nice candlesticks.

It's mainly about offering to say daily prayers for you, though, along with reading out a grace before meals, should you be feeling particularly grateful for what the microwave just shat out, plus it'll tell extreme newcomers to the idea of organised religion exactly who Jesus and God are. [CofE via BBC]