Co-op Will Reverse-Vend Away Your Festival Detritus

By Gary Cutlack on at

Supermarket chain Co-op has an exciting new toy to try out this summer, when it'll be installing a reverse-vending machine on festival sites to test public appetite for a deposit-return plastic bottle recycling scheme.

Recycling plastic bottles as festivals usually involves pissing in them and throwing them at the Arctic Monkeys, but the Co-op's hoping that by charging an additional fee when people buy their drinks from on-site shops they might be more likely to return them for recycling to get a few coins back. Coins that can then be thrown at the Arctic Monkeys. Actually you get vouchers for subsequent purchases in return, not money. Although this isn't some boring old rubbish bin or a man with a bin liner, it's a bottle absorbing machine, so that's going to be pretty thrilling and exciting a thing to see when the ketamine's kicking in.

Co-op is taking its returns machine to the mainstream festivals operated by Festival Republic, so expect to see the backwards vender at Download, Latitude, and Reading and Leeds, because buying Pepsi Max from a Co-op and recycling your waste to receive money-off vouchers is as exciting as festivals get nowadays. [Talking Retail]

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