Coming Soon: Waves of Royal Wedding-Themed KFC Buckets Selling for Outrageous Money

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Royal Wedding is on Saturday, which finally means we can be done with the hype that's being generated in the run up to two vaguely famous people standing in a church declaring they want to grow old together. We can move onto the more important things, like complaining about how the tabloids singled out a single female guest and aimed all their lecherous feelings at her. It'll certainly be the end of weird tie-in products, like KFC's Royal Wedding-theme buckets that will no doubt end up flooding eBay in the coming weeks.

KFC has designed a limited edition chicken bucket to celebrate the royal wedding, which is a sentence many of you never thought you'd have to read. 50 of them will be available, and will be exclusive to KFC Windsor on Saturday 19th May. Considering people have already descended on the town in anticipation of the big day, you can bet there are already people starting to camp outside the branch to ensure they get their hands on one.

Windsor being the posh place that it is only has one KFC, and it is a bit of a trek from the castle. So the die hard royalists won't be going anywhere near it - lest they lose their view of whatever it is they hope to see come the weekend.

According to a KFC spokesperson, the decision to make the buckets was all thanks to the fact Harry claims to have proposed over a roast chicken. While that's not the kind of chicken KFC would be seen dead around, it's vaguely similar to the company's business model, so it's jumping on the bandwagon. As you can see above it has gold trim, and both English and American flags. What it doesn't have is any direct reference to the wedding or the people involved, simply referring to it as a "regal day of celebration". It's enough to make you wonder whether anyone trying to peddle Royal Wedding merchandise has to pay a licensing fee of some kind, and suggests KFC wasn't having any of it.

The buckets will be available on a first come first serve basic, though an additional 25 buckets will be awarded as prizes from 15th May to those who sign up to the Colonel's Club app (available on Android and iOS). [Metro]