Countdown's Rachel Riley Launches Quiz App FleetWit In The UK

By James O Malley on at

Look out HQ Trivia - it appears that you have a new rival on this side of the Atlantic too as today quiz app FleetWit officially launches in the UK, with the help of TV's Rachel Riley.

The app is basically a bit of a mash-up of HQ and the pub quiz machines where I spent most of my student loan. Around the clock, you can spend in game credits to take part in dozens of different themed quizzes and activities. But every day at 7pm, there's a special live game which from the sound of it will work a lot like HQ: You answer questions, and the top 100 players at the end get a share of the prize pot.

Interestingly, whereas HQ's business model looks set to rely mostly on advertising (such as how they got The Rock to co-host in order to promote Rampage, FleetWit is instead charging customers up front: You can buy extra credits with micro-payments, or you can choose to reinvest your winnings back into the game. Apparently in the last month, the app has dished out $150,000 in total to lucky players.

"When I was at Uni, our whole college bar would gather round the quiz machine for a few games every night. Now that my Uni days are behind me, I’m ecstatic to have FleetWit right there on my phone for whenever I need my quick quiz fix," said Riley in a canned quote for the press release. To coincide with the launch, players will be able use Versus mode to challenge Riley directly - and if she wins, she'll be donating her winnings to the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust. So if you manage to beat her, well done... but you should also feel bad.

FleetWit is available now on iOS and the company says it is currently working on an Android version - so get it now before Samsung owners start lowering the tone of the whole community.