Deadpool's Newest Teammate is David Beckham

By Tom Pritchard on at

The marketing campaign for Deadpool 2 hasn't really captured the magic of the original's, which had to contend with the fact that Fox was never really too keen on making the film and din't want to spend a whole lot of money as a result. So the marketing team had to get very creative, with some amazingly weird (and ultimately successful) results. Deadpool 2 hasn't quite been the same, though the latest meta humour-filled clip featuring David Beckham is certainly a step in the right direction.

You may remember that the original Deadpool throws a dig at David Beckham's voice, claiming he sounds like he "mouth-sexed a can of helium". That's shortly before Ryan Reynolds insists Ryan Reynolds never got very far based on his acting alone. The new clip advertising Deadpool 2 bring up that moment again, and features the eponymous anti-hero trying to apologise.

Turns out Beckham doesn't hold a grudge. Except where terrible films are concerned, and Ryan Reynolds has been in plenty of stinkers in his time. Though honestly I'm surprised X-Men Origins: Wolverine didn't come up. That was way worse than Green Lantern, as bad as it was. At least Deadpool is willing to apologise for his alter-ego's past transgressions, though it would be nice if he brought Wolverine long for the much-needed apology tour.