Distracted Boyfriend Has Made Up With His Girlfriend, And They Are Advertising The New East Coast Railway Together

By James O Malley on at

Today is a big day for British railways - and not just because, hilariously, ultra Conservative transport minister Chris Grayling has been forced to take Virgin's East Coast railway line back into public ownership, effectively nationalising it just like Jeremy Corbyn wants to do.

The bigger news is that it appears that the distracted boyfriend has been forgiven by his girlfriend in the ubiquitous meme, and the pair are now two of the faces of the new nationalised company, called London North Eastern Railway.

Here's a comparison photo, as spotted by the uber-nerds at London Reconnections (if you like trains more than is healthy, you should definitely subscribe to their magazine).

The photo on the left can be found on the homepage of the new railway company's website under the customer services section. Of course, the real story is that the pair aren't a couple - or even British. They're both stock photo models, who have been used in tonnes of different contexts. There's even a whole backstory to the original photo.

But we like to imagine they managed to work things out. And now we can't help but wonder if the couple were picked by LNER deliberately.