Even Pornhub Has its Own VPN

By Tom Pritchard on at

VPNs are big business. They can be used to help safeguard your browsing data, especially on unsecured wi-fi networks, and they have the added bonus of being able to get round geographic filters on online content. Everyone seems to have a VPN these days, including Facebook, and now Pornhub is getting in on it.

VPNhub is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS, promising to keep your data hidden and secure with full encryption as you browse the big bad internet. It also promises to help users bypass censorship without risk of being monitored by outside forces. All of which is pretty standard for VPNs. Strangely it also promises to improve speed and performance, which aren't really things you'd associate with VPN use. They may not cripple your browsing speed, but even the fastest connections are often slower than that of your home internet.

VPNhub has a free version, but like most VPNs it comes with a few catches. There's no limit to your browsing data, but it is ad-supported, and the privacy policy does mention anonymised data is shared with third-parties for advertising and marketing reasons. Just something worth bearing in mind. The free version also only seems to let you connect to Atlanta in the USA, while the premium version has a string of locations across the world to choose from - including various cities in the US and UK.

The premium version also promises zero adverts, faster speeds, and 24/7 support. The downside is that it's £1.49 a month, or £64 a year to sign up. There are more established VPN providers out there who offer more for less.

So if you need a VPN, Pornhub wants you to know that it's got something you can use to safeguard your online adventures. Provided, of course, that you trust a company that makes its money from adverts with your browsing data habits.