Footballer's Boots Enter British Museum's Collection

By Gary Cutlack on at

A pair of football boots belonging to modern day goal scoring legend Mohamed Salah are being put on display in the British Museum, as the temple of the old things embraces something new and particularly lurid and plasticky.

The unworn Adidas X17 Deadly Strike boots are being placed within the British Museum's Egyptian collection to honour the Egyptian Liverpool player's achievements this year, when he won the Golden Boot for scoring the most goals in the Premier League. That's what everyone and Wikipedia is saying, so it must be true.

People who like sport and the accessories of sport will be even keener to visit the museum in the near future, as it is hoping to eventually land a pair of Salah's boots that have been worn in action. The museum's resident Egyptologist Neal Spencer justified the weird modern addition to the archive with: "The boots tell a story of a modern Egyptian icon, performing in the UK, with a truly global impact, and build on our recent project to acquire objects to tell the story of daily life in 20th and 21st century Egypt." [British Museum via Guardian]