Friendship Fuels This Erotic Photographer's Collection of 90's Toys

By Alex Cranz on at

Fwee Carter believes nerds can be sexy too, and he’s got an entire book, and website, devoted to images he’s taken of nerdy guys with their nerdy cosplay or collection looking totally sexy. But what drives Carter, besides the need to level the playing field and giving us great examples of what it really means to see a man sexually objectified, is his affection for a very particular type of 90s nostalgia.

Carter, who grew up in the 90s, has a fondness for toys and figures based around “team” shows. Those are shows like Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Sailor Moon—anything where friendship and camaraderie are what drive the action of the show. He and his friends even dressed up as a fusion of Sailor Moon and Power Rangers once, and then Carter made each friend their very own action figure based on the cosplay.

For him, collecting isn’t about clinging to the past. “I don’t want to relive my childhood,” he told Gizmodo. “It’s just remembering the good moments of it.”

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