Gentrified Cornwall Wants £10 for a Posher Pasty

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Cornish pasty producer thinks he's onto a winner with a concept for a posher type of pasty, with the new recipe including such non-traditional ingredients as crab, a creamy white wine sauce and seaweed. Yours for a promotional period price of £8.75 before it goes up to £10.95 when the tourists roll up in their Range Rovers and blow the dust off their spare houses this summer.

The idea of James Strawbridge and his Posh Pasty Co., the rogue pasty contains white crab meat in a classic white sauce with a bit of seaweed for extra Instagramability and vitamins, creating a hybrid seafood pasty that might just be nice if you are a fan of crab or looking to cut down on your red meat intake.

Launched last weekend in Padstow – where all the holidaymakers come to blow masses on posh seafood – the new pasty can be found in the Padstow Pasty Co. James told Cornwall Live that: "Pasties have been driven down in price and quality. We want to reverse that and show that the pasty should be worth what it’s worth. What’s wrong with having a gourmet pasty?" [Cornwall Live via Metro]

Image credit: Twitter