Give the Finger to Jony Ive With a Case That Makes Your iPhone X Look Like the Original

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It’s easy to look back on the original iPhone 2G with reverence. It revolutionised the mobile phone industry, and paved the way for our lives to be taken over by mobile apps. And for the three of you who yearn for a modern smartphone wrapped in 2007 design aesthetics, Spigen’s created an iPhone X case that will make your device look like Apple’s original game changer.

Photo: Spigen

The case is part of a larger campaign by Spigen to cash in on the 20th anniversary of the rainbow-coloured, plastic fantastic iMac G3, with additional cases sporting transparent colours reminiscent of those old desktop machines. They’re cute, but they don’t make as much of a statement as the iPhone 2G throwback case does.

Presumably uncertain if Apple fans will buy enough to justify a full production run, Spigen has chosen to instead crowdfund these cases through Indiegogo. The cheapest path to wrapping your phone in the Classic One iPhone 2G case is to pledge $35 (£26) to the campaign, which also gets you one of the iMac cases when they’re promised to ship sometime next month.

As crowdfunding projects go, there’s probably not much risk here. Spigen has been successfully making cases and accessories for years now, and they’re only trying to raise about $5,000 (£3,700) with this Indiegogo, which it will probably succeed in doing by day’s end as Apple devotees rush to wrap their X’s in irony. [Indiegogo]

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