Government Considers Banning Wet Wipes to Save the Sewers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government is thinking about adding wet wipes to the list of bad things we can't be trusted to have, use, or dispose of properly, as such single-use, non-biodegradable products are currently on the hit list due to containing the modern scourge of the planet, plastic.

Such items and their baby poo, make-up and face sweat are the key contributor to the build up of the dread fatbergs that clog our understreet sewers, with the UK's water industries saying that 93 per cent of pipe blockages are caused by the wipes -- hence a need to to try to educate us lot in the errors of our ways in flushing the things. And if that doesn't work -- and it probably won't because to most people the toilet is like a magic bin that never needs emptying -- a (small, scented) blanket ban could be introduced.

This would mean no more luxury hot wipes after meals, or warm scented wake-ups on international flights. How on earth will we cope? We'll have to go back to using our sleeves, or biodegradable ones that'll be brown and won't get all the stuff off. [BBC]