Greggs Tricked Food Snobs into Thinking it Was a Fancy Deli

By Tom Pritchard on at

Snobs exist in all walks of life, whether it's the people who insist that expensive wine really does taste better than a cheap bottle from the supermarket, wannabe film critics who try to appear clever by trashing popular films, or food people who think that something is terrible because it's not overpriced and available in absurdly small portions. Fast food chains often come under that scrutiny, so Greggs decided to see whether it could trick food snobs into saying nice things about it.

Greggs went undercover at an 'artisan' food festival under the guise of 'Gregory and Gregory' to try and trick some posh people to say nice tings about their food. The kinds of people who wouldn't be seen dead inside an actual Greggs, or any other shop that sells pasties and sausage rolls. Unless, of course, it's a traditional pasty shop in Cornwall where they can visit to feel smug and tell their friends all about the quaint local eats made from locally-sourced organic ingredients.

The festival saw Greggs offer food alongside Michelin star-tier and celebrity TV chefs, which meant they couldn't actually serve sausage rolls. Instead they used the other food sold in store, including salads and wraps that don't leave a trail of crumbs in their wake. As you can see in the video below plenty of people were surprised when the food was revealed to be Greggs, and not some hipster upscale Shoreditch-based eatery.

Who would have thought Greggs could deliver good food? Well pretty much everyone to be honest, it's just a shame they didn't actually try and glam-up the pasties to trick unsuspecting 'foodies' into saying nice things about them.