Hampshire Power Station Enthusiasts Hyped for Solo

By Gary Cutlack on at

The staff who look after what remains of Fawley Power Station – officially decommissioned in 2013 – are excited about forthcoming film Solo: A Star Wars Story. Not because power station maintenance staff tend to be Star Wars nerds, but because some external and internal parts of the building were used for shots in the film.

The BBC spoke to a man in a fluorescent vest who says staff on site did indeed see Wookies about the place, and revealed that the film crew painted their own markings on the walls and floors; which can still be seen today, as the paint they used to cover them up after they left is starting to wash away. No one's sure if the shots of the site's beautiful spherical Control Building will make the finished film, though, hence the owners are likely to be in cinemas on May 25 to see it.

If a man in his sixties cheers at an establishing shot of a remote base, that's probably Fawley.

Sadly, the majestic Fawley will soon find itself terraformed and turned into flats by the evil empire of capitalism, although the chimney may remain as a centrepiece if the developers can afford to keep it standing.

Was anywhere near YOU used as a Star Wars location? Have you got a particularly evocative brutalist recycling area near your house, or was a post-modern underpass you walk through suspiciously fenced off for a few weeks in the middle of 2017, painted green, and full of cars with cardboard sci-fi fascias on them driving around? [BBC]

Image credit: Wikipedia