Heathrow Airport Wins Star Wars Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

When it comes to a specific 'day' in the calendar, there's a tendency for brands and big companies to takeover and use it to advertise themselves or peddle you stuff you don't really need. Like April Fool's Day, which is now less about pranks and more about big brands acting as though you'll fall for their outlandish shtick.  But sometimes things work out ok, like how Heathrow Airport decided to celebrate Star Wars day.

As you can see the airport's made up some of its advert screens to look like departure information, and stuffed them with as many Star Wars references as they can. Things like a trip to the Death Star being a trap, and the flight to Alderaan being cancelled for reasons I don't need to explain here. It's also worth nothing the Kessel flight, which claims there will be more information on 25th May - the day that Solo: A Star Wars Story hits cinemas in the US.

Someone clearly forgot to tell Heathrow that the UK released has been bumped up, so really the information should be arriving on 24th.

Well played Heathrow, well played.