How to Watch the OnePlus 6 Launch Event Without Actually Being There

By Tom Pritchard on at

After all that waiting, today is the day the OnePlus 6 is going to be unveiled in front of the whole world. As usually there's a big fancy launch event going on, though OnePlus mixed things up by letting members of the general public purchase tickets. It was in London, too, which was helpful for us. There weren't many of those tickets available, and they sold out quite quickly, but there is a way for the rest of you to tune in from home.

As is the norm with these sorts of things, OnePlus is livestreaming the whole launch on YouTube so you can see the announcements as and when they happen. It's nice and simple, and doesn't require to use a very specific browser or piece of hardware - unlike some companies out there.

We've embedded the stream below, or you can choose to watch on YouTube itself once everything kicks off at 5pm.

We'll also be covering the big announcements of the day, in case you can't or don't want to watch them unfold for yourself. So make sure to check back later and see what's been happening.