HQ Trivia Will Let You Spy on Your Friends' Answers, But Only on Friday

By Tom Pritchard on at

HQ Trivia has been rolling out features to make its live quiz platform a lot more social, so you can keep up with how your friends have been doing without necessarily being in the same room as them. Now, though, it's been testing a new feature that lets you see exactly what answers your friends have given. But only on a Friday.

This feature has been in testing for a whole now, but as of tomorrow HQ Trivia will roll the feature out to everyone. It takes advantage of the existing social features within the app that let users connect with their address book and add people to their HQ friends list. Once you have friends the app will let you do a digital equivalent of shouting out the answer in an office, letting you put their avatar on an answer to share it with everyone.

HQ product manager James Ruben said:

“We understand the power of the crowd and playing together. That doesn’t necessarily exist everywhere. Our goal is to spread that power to people who maybe aren’t playing in the office together.”

But this feature won't be available all week long, and will instead be sticking to Fridays for the foreseeable future.

“We understand that it’s a change to the game play. Friday is an interesting time to experiment and try out answer sharing because Fridays tend to be a bit more social than other days.”

It doesn't discount the feature being made available during the rest of the week, but for the time being that's not going to happen.

The update will also come with extra social features, including the option to see people playing who are physically nearby and improvements to the address book connection system. The answer sharing rolls out to everyone, but Android users will (typically) have to wait a bit longer for the improved social features. [TechCrunch]