HTC Confirms its Next Flagship Phone Will Arrive on 23rd May

By Tom Pritchard on at

HTC isn't what it once was, but it continues to soldier on and develop smartphones for the people who aren't interested in the Samsungs or the Apples of the world, but still want a recognisable brand. And it's just announced when we'll be able to see the next one for the first time: 23rd May.

Obviously that doesn't give us any hints as to what the phone might involve, which is helpful. Fortunately leaking king Evan Blass has already spilled the phones details, claiming that the U12+ is designed to take on the likes of Samsung's Galaxy range. That means a 6-inch QHD+ display, a minimal bezel, an 8MP front camera, a dual lens rear camera (16MP and 12MP), a Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6GB of ram 64/128GB of storage, microSD expansion, and a 3,420 mAh battery. All running on Android Oreo, alongside the second generation of Edge Sense that lets you squeeze your phone to take pictures.

Whether or will be able to make a dent in a saturated smartphone market is another thing entirely, though we won't know what'll happen until it's actually released. [TechCrunch]